Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmastravaganza 2008.

Is finally behind us!

Don't get me wrong, the holidays are great and all, but I'm just glad they're behind us. Now on to New Year's - a restful holiday.

Here's the recap.

Christmas Eve - I got off work at Noon, came home, grabbed lunch with Mark and then we braved Meijer in the blizzard - and by blizzard I mean rain storm - to pick up a few last minute things and baking supplies that I needed. When we got home, I started speed-baking all of our Christmas goodies. Then, we went over to my Aunt's house (only about 5 minutes away) for a Christmas Eve gathering. Then, we ended up back home at about 10 o'clock and I still had wrapping to finish, which I spent about an hour doing. We did end up in bed before midnight, so that Santa was able to come.

Christmas Day - Mark and I woke up around 9AM to open our gifts from each other, as well as give some goodies to the animals.

Kitteh with her new toy:

And some wrapping paper, which she thinks is her toy:

And Belle and Kitteh going after something? :

My favorite gift?

A toss up between my new pink earbuds and...

My new Sirius radio! Woohoooo!

And here's a shot of Mark trying to shake his gift to guess what it is:

Then, after gift opening, I finished up the goodies for Christmas - note to anyone working with melted chocolate - DO NOT cool it on a wire rack. It melts around the rack and sticks. Not good.

Around Noon, we were off to Mark's family's Christmas up at his brother's house in Powell, where we ate good food and opened even more gifts. Shortly thereafter, it was time to go to my family's Christmas.

So, back in the car and a 45 minute ride from one side of Central Ohio to the other, we arrived in Licking county and had Christmas with my family, were we ate more food and opened more gifts AND saw my darling niece in her Christmas dress.

She's adorable:

Oh, and excuse me, but please check out her toes:

They're pink : )

We finally got home around 11PM. It was a VERY LONG DAY. We spent all of Friday recovering - thank goodness we both got the day off from work! - and had a Dexter-thon.

We watched all of Season 2. I highly recommend.

Oh, and, an extra special Christmas gift for me - I ended up sick. Again. I don't know what I have, but it's not fun. Probably a cold, but an icky one. And, it's back to work tomorrow : ( At least it's another short week.

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