Monday, April 19, 2010

Loving the Moby!

We got a Moby Wrap a few weeks ago and both Jack and I LOVE it!

For those who don't know it's a baby carrier, but it's unique in that it's 100% cotton cloth that you wrap around you and the baby. It can be used for multiple holds and is so verstile. Something that I really love is that I can get Jack nice and tucked in and supported if he wants to sleep while I'm wearing him. This carrier is great for babies from newborns - 35 pounds.

Here we are trying it out for the first time.

This is Jack looking on curiously as I attempt to wrap the fabric around myself properly. Clearly he is saying, "What are we going to do with THAT thing?".

Okay, all wrapped up and settled in. It's really not hard to get on.

And 5-4-3-2-1... sleeping babe! This is usually how putting Jack in the Moby ends up. It's comforting to both of us to have him so close.

I would totally recommend this to any mom. It's comfy, easy to wear, and any mom knows that having the use of both hands at the same time is priceless!

Also, if you are willing to put forth a bit of effort they are easy to DIY. Here is a link to some helpful instructions.

Now, for some developmental updates!

Jack is really beginning to take notice of things hanging over his head like the toys on his bouncy seat, the ceiling fan, the toys on his play gym, and even the monkey that we have hanging over his changing table! He is also starting to completely turn his head to follow you with his eyes if you are moving across the room.

He loves when you talk and sing to him and he's starting to try to talk and coo. I also think he really wants to laugh, but just isn't there yet! He's definitely working on finding his voice and it's the cutest thing. As always, Jack is still a super smiley baby who can't help but light up at a familiar face or voice.

He is really starting to notice his own hands and feet. I love to watch him as he sits in his bouncy seat watching as his legs kick, kick, KICK! This keeps him entertained for a period of time. He's also starting to put his hand in his mouth. The last couple of days I've heard him wake up sucking on his hand. He does this a lot when he's hungry and always has, but he seems to now be actually putting his hand in his mouth vs. it just ending up there as he's moving his head around looking for something to suck on.

Last week I started trying to put him down in his crib for naps. Currently, he's sleeping at night in a swing in our room because that's what has worked well for us since he was about 2 or 3 weeks old. We are planning to co-sleep like this as long as it works for all of us and I really enjoy having him close at night. At the same time, I want to transition him to his crib when the time is right. This is why we have started to feel it out. I have faith that Jack will let us know when the time is right for him to make the move.

Naps in the crib are not working out very well. Jack is a champion sleeper at night, but he doesn't like to nap at all. For this reason, naps in the crib aren't working out because he usually just cat naps during the day anyway. He'll fall asleep on my lap or in his bouncy seat for 15 or 20 minutes a few times during the afternoon. It seems that he won't sleep any longer in his crib, but I hope by putting him there it's at least giving him a chance to get comfortable with his bed. We put a lot of planning and effort into his nursery and I really want him to like it and feel comfortable there!

This weekend on Friday and Saturday nights we attempted putting him to sleep in his crib. He usually finishes up his last bottle somewhere between 9.30 and 10.30pm and then is out until 3 to 4am, wakes up for a bottle and diaper change, and then is back to sleep until anywhere from 7.30-9.30am. Well, he wouldn't sleep for any length of time in his crib. He just woke right back up and needed to be soothed back to sleep so we felt that it wasn't the right time to make the transition.

Jack is back to sleeping in his swing for now, but I plan to keep putting him in the crib during the week for naps to help him get assimilated. We'll probably try to put him in his own bed for the night again this weekend just to see how it goes.

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