Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I added a "contact me" button beneath my picture!  Not that anyone particularly needs or necessarily WANTS to contact me, but I love to have the option when I visit other blogs so I figured it would be nice to add to my own!  It took me some playing around (admittedly I'm not very tech-savvy), but it's there now!  Feel free to try it out : )

And also, I added a little "follow me on Twitter" button a while back.  I just signed up for Twitter a few weeks ago after a long time of not understanding the hype.  Well, I still don't get the hype, but again I like to see posts from bloggers I like so I wanted to give that option.  I can't say that I have anything interesting to post on Twitter though.  At least not until I really figure out the point of it! 

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