Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Or... week : ) 

I didn't get around to posting ON Father's Day as we were busy per usual!  We celebrated with brunch made lovingly by me - breakfast casserole (I even cooked bacon, which I loathe, but it wasn't so bad this time.  More on this later!), toast, and mimosas!  And I gave this picture to Mark, framed for his desk at work:

Isn't he cute?!  Jack was a great model and it only took a 1/2 hour and probably 50 shots to get something useable since Little Man only wants to wiggle around now, kicking his feet at lightning speed and flailing his arms like a drowning man!  But he was a good sport as you can see.  I did have to turn to YouTube to figure out how to knot a tie and as you can see it's not perfect, but all in all I think we did a pretty good job! 

So, happy Father's Day to the best daddy and husband there is! 

A hands-on dad who changed diapers in the hospital before I did.  Patiently nursed me back to health after an unplanned c-section all while taking the lion's share responsibility for caring for our newborn when I couldn't.  Someone who learned about breastfeeding along with me in the hospital and helped me try to succeed; standing over Jack and I, helping to adjust a latch or keeping our days old baby awake and interested in suckling, and researching nursing problems when we encountered them. 

A daddy who never complains about giving baths, changing diapers, putting baby to bed, or getting up during the night for a feeding.  A husband who has taken most nearly all the overnight feedings from the time Jack was born so that I can sleep to be prepared to care for the baby all day long. 

A father who knows how hard it is to care for an infant because he shares in the responsibility and joys alongside me. 

A provider who goes out everyday even when I know he's tired or frustrated with work so that he can earn money to take care of the necessities while I stay home and care for our little boy. 

Thank you for being the best dad and husband, which encourages me to be a better mother to this precious gift you have given me: our son. 

We love you!

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  1. Very sweet. He sounds like a wonderful man.

    And that tie?

    Is super cute. Omg, makes me want a little boy of my own next time around.


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