Thursday, September 9, 2010

OSU Wreath

I'm grudgingly acknowledging that football season is officially upon us. *grumble* 

I've realized after several football seasons with my husband that it's not that I don't like football season necessarily, it's that I don't like football season with him.  I know, I'm incredibly kind.  The problem is, I enjoy football season for the social aspect.  I like going to parties and eating and making great football watching foods.  To me, it's really just a themed excuse to get together with friends! 

However, my husband doesn't see it this way.  To him (and his friends), football season is a very serious thing.  A game is not something to be talked through - apparently that is rude.  And fortunately for me, I live in Central Ohio where people live and breathe Buckeye football practically year round [insert sarcasm here]. 

So, instead of enjoying parties where football is just an excuse to get together, have a good time, and eat yummy food, it's serious business.  And those Central Ohioans who dare to dislike football *cough*me*cough* get the evil eye from everyone in the room if you'd rather gossip about the latest celebrity break up or discuss this past week's primetime television shows.  Clearly I'm not the one with a problem here... it's everyone else. 

Anyhoo, I tried to get into the spirit by making a crafty decoration for our front door.  An OSU wreath to add a splash of color and maybe some luck to the season, if you care about that sort of thing.  This wreath from Craftaholics Anonymous was my inspiration.

I used:

   *Medium-sized wire wreath frame (no idea if this is actually what it's called)
   *Red, White (probably 1/4 yard of each), and Brown (scraps) burlap
   *2 Random Buckeyes (because every reasonable Central Ohioan has a few of these things floating around their house)

And voila!  A wreath!

I cut the Red and White burlap into approximately 1-inch by 6-inch strips (do this outside, burlap is MESSY!) and just tied them around the wreath frame.  Then, I made some flowers out of the brown burlap and attached them with hot glue and then attached the buckeyes to the flowers with hot glue. 

Easy peasy, and cute too! 

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  1. Cute wreath! Wonder if they make Spartan green burlap? ;)


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