Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Blake Shelton Saved My Sanity

Several months ago, whilst on a date night sans Little Man {one of only a handful of nights by ourselves in the last two years!  Holy moly, we I need to get better about that!}, over the din of an adults-only atmosphere I heard a few notes from a song which jogged my memory.

Hmm... this song sounds familiar... I'm sure I've heard it somewhere before?  WHERE have I heard it?  WHAT'S THAT SONG FROM?!?!

Photographic evidence of our night out:

Of course I alerted Mark and asked him if he recognized the song only to be met with: what song?  The man can NEVER hear background music.  Never.  And then the song was over.  And I was left trying tell Mark which song it was, but I had no idea what it was from, who sang it, or even any of the lyrics!  All I knew was the beat of the song so I'm all, oh, you know the song that goes "bum bum ba bum..."  Yeahno.

Mark suggested I had likely heard it on Grey's Anatomy, which is an extremely good hypothesis as that's this country music girl's only exposure to hipster music, and this was most definitely hipster music.  But without being able to confirm that as fact, and without being able to properly place this song, it began driving me nuts!

Over the last few months I'd hear snippets of the song here and there, but never enough to help me find what the song was.  I heard it at a local playplace over the sounds of screaming kids.  I heard it on American Idol as they were headed to commercial break. 

AND THEN.  By some obvious divine TV intervention I turned on The Voice tonight {not something we watch on the regular} only to find Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert {Pink Puffy Heart LOVE her!} coaching some wannabe singer chicks into singing the song.  THE SONG!

And then Blake mentioned the name of the song and the artist and I was able to properly confirm via a quick Google search that yes, I had heard it on Grey's Anatomy.  BOOM!  MYSTERY SOLVED!

All is now right again in my world and I can *almost* forgive Blake for being in any way affiliated with that terrible shenanigans that is the remake of 1980's classic Footloose.

Question: What's wrong with this picture?  Answer:  EVERYTHING.

I leave you with The Song:

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