Monday, March 12, 2012

Menu Plan Monday - Week of March 11th

Mark took care of the weekly shopping trip (along with the majority of childcare duties this weekend) as I was feeling a little under the weather due to (I think) some seasonal allergies.  He came home with a Serrano Pepper instead of a Jalapeno, 3/4 lb. ground beef instead of a full pound due to misreading my grocery list, and forgot the tortilla chips all together, but I sure do appreciate his help!  And, in his defense, why exactly is it that Kroger doesn't label the vegetable bins in the produce section?  Some of those peppers do look alike!

The weather looks great this week, so we'll take advantage of it with some dinners on the grill!

Sunday:  Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese with Ranch Potato Wedges

Monday:  Guinness and Onion Soup with Irish Cheddar Crouton

Tuesday:  Hearty Black Bean Quesadillas with Chips and Salsa

Wednesday:  Pi(e) Day!  I'm making a Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie to properly celebrate :)  Also: Grilled Burgers on Homemade Buns (I stashed 4 of these in the freezer when I made them before!) with Baked Sweet Potato Fries

Thursday:  Teriyaki Chicken with Veggie Fried Rice

Friday:  Leftovers/Out

Saturday: St. Patrick's Day!  Pot Roast with Stout Gravy

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