Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Randoms


It's been yet another trying week.  Jack's been in a bad mood for most of the week and that combined with his normal two-year-oldness finds me with nearly nonexistent patience at the close of the week!  To top it off, today he decided we needed to start our day about 2 hours earlier than usual, which leaves us both tired and cranky.  Not good.  In his defense, his 'tude and behavior is most definitely influenced by the fact that he's teething with his (bottom, oy... we still have one more set to go after this!) 2-year molars.  They are *finally* visible.  He will only open his mouth for about 0.02 seconds when he feels like it so from what I've been able to glimpse I'm not sure if they're actually poking through yet, or just visible beneath the gums. Either way, there's an end in sight (at least for this set) and hopefully he'll be sleeping better soon, which will put both of us in better moods! 



I made Chocolate Chip Cookies yesterday (not just Chocolate Chip Cookies, The. Best. Chocolate Chip Cookies EVAR!).  Because it was Thursday.  Of a long week.  And I had been craving sweets all week and after four days of ignoring the craving to no avail, I caved.  It was time.  I limited myself to one cookie after they came out of the oven (because, how can you NOT eat one fresh out of the oven?!) and one cookie for dessert last night.  I've discovered that it's pretty much torture to only eat a single cookie at a time.  It's like, you might as well just skip it all together because if you give a Stephanie a cookie, she's going to want another one!



 I sat down with my single Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Evar! all ready to watch Grey's Anatomy, just to discover that it was a rerun.  Again.  Whomp, whomp.  Am I the only person that is SO over the ridiculousness that is TV nowadays?  All these half-seasons and mid-season finales and random hiatuses (hiati?  Anyway...) and coming back for a week just to be randomly on rerun for the next two weeks drives. me. nuts.!  It seriously makes me want to give up watching TV in favor of waiting for everything to come out on DVD and getting it through Netflix to watch marathon style. 



Also on the subject of television watching, I took a big step this week.  I finally worked up the courage to delete a crap show from my DVR schedule.  That's right.  I've been working up the courage for a few weeks, and finally at Mark's prodding, I did it.  Private Practice?  Gone-zo!  We started watching PP when it originally spun off of Grey's back when Grey's was actually good (remember that?  Barely.).  Mark never liked it (because he doesn't like Addison), but begrudgingly tolerated it.  This season, even I had to admit it's a terrible show.  I realized I didn't look forward to watching it, Mark complained every time I turned it on, it was time.  But for some reason, once I spend time getting into a show and devote so many hours to watching it, it's hard to break up!  But break up I did, and it feels good!  Beware TV shows, I'm scrutinizing you and I'm no longer afraid of the delete button!  I'd also axe Desperate Housewives if it wasn't the last season.  Eeesh. 



I guess I have a lot to say about television programming this week, so one last thing: we finally got Game of Thrones Disk 1 from Netflix -- It's ON!  I have been looking forward to this show for.ev.ah. and I've finally got it!  Movie TV Show Night tonight!  I read A Game of Thrones (as well as A Clash of Kings, actually) and it's fabulous!  Can't wait to see the television adaptation.  I just hope I'm not disappointed!

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