Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Randoms: Busy Week Recap

Busy, busy week this week!  We've had some gorgeous {Summer} weather to kick off the start of Spring {???} so we've been out and about enjoying it!

It always surprises me once the sun comes back how much better I feel!  It definitely effects my mood.  After a little fresh air and sunshine I feel happier and more motivated for sure!  Gotta love that vitamin D!  Even though we had the mildest Winter I can ever remember it was still cold and gray and I was definitely craving some sun.  I just love having the windows open and seeing things turn green again.

Last weekend I hit the store on Saturday rather than my usual Sunday and there's definitely something to be said for Saturday shopping!  I felt like I had my whole weekend in front of me rather than spending my whole Sunday grocery shopping and doing laundry.  I may try that again this weekend!

With the "extra" time I had on Sunday I packed up the too small clothes from Jack's drawers to make way for the new stuff he got for his birthday!  And then I spent all afternoon working on dinner just to have it derailed by a tornado warning :-/

Yep, that would be me reading with my booklight during the power outage.  At least my hobbies don't require power.  The book is Ken Follett's Fall of Giants and it's excellent!

Monday we went to a play date at a friend's house and were able to get out after dinner for a family walk.  We've had some gorgeous {albeit unseasonably warm} weather this week and we've been trying to enjoy it as much as possible!

Tuesday we went to the zoo for the first time this year!  Jack was... unimpressed.  I thought he'd be more into it, but all he wanted to do was ride in the stroller.  That's not necessarily a bad thing, but whenever we stopped to see something he didn't want to look he just wanted to GO!  Our converstations went like this:

Jack!  Do you see the elephant?!  See him?!  He's eating straw!

No!  Goooo!  GOOO!

What about the lions?  Do you see the lions?!  You like lions!  RAWR!!! 

NOOO!  Go! 


Oh well, maybe next time.  He did enjoy the aquarium.  He was talking about all the "tish".

Tuesday night I enjoyed dinner with friends while Mark and Jack had a boy's night in.

Wednesday we rested!  And tended to things at home that had been ignored while we were go-go-go at the start of the week.  We were also able to get in another post-dinner walk as a family.

Also, Jack got to try some fresh pineapple and really liked it!  I brought home a pineapple from the store over the weekend and Jack immediately started talking about the "Pi-bapple", which was rather surprising as we've never really talked about pineapples to my knowledge.  He must have seen it on Sesame Street or possibly in a book or something.  Anyway, it was definitely nothing discussed extensively, but he talked about it every time he saw it!  It was finally time to eat it on Wednesday evening and Jack was really excited about it.  I was hopeful that that excitement would translate to liking the taste as I've given him pineapple before and he didn't care for it.  I let him watch me cut it up and then gave him a piece and although his face didn't seem too sure at first, when I asked him how it was he said, "good" and then immediately asked for more!  He definitely liked it because he ended up eating quite a bit.  I hope I can get him to try more things by getting him excited about it like the "Pi-bapple".

Thursday evening I hit up the first consignment sale of the year.  Jack got lots of great clothes for his birthday so thankfully we're pretty well set, but he needs a few more things and I'm always looking ahead to what he'll need in the next size up.  I'm pretty happy that we've entered toddler sizes which he should wear for longer, which makes it far easier to plan what he'll need since the same size should span multiple seasons.

The sale was PACKED and unfortunately they didn't have much in his size, but I did get a few things that were needed.

Everything I purchased is Carter's brand 3T.  I got:

3 pairs lightweight cotton PJs (2 of the pairs are vehicle related - monster trucks and a fire truck, Jack was really excited about these!) -- $3.50 each
1 long-sleeved t-shirt -- $1.50
1 pair cargo pants -- $2

Total: $14

He's currently wearing 2T clothes, but should be able to wear the cotton PJs right away since those tend to fit a little small anyway.  He'll be able to use them in the Fall as well.  He will probably be ready for the long-sleeved T in the Fall and I would *guess* the pants won't fit until next year, but you never know!  That's why I like to have the next size up on hand!  I'll hit a few more of these sales over the coming weeks.  Definitely the best deals around considering everything I got was VERY gently used!

Today I'm cleaning and washing diapers as usual, but I have plans to bleach Jack's diapers as they're in need of some deep cleaning.  This is the first time I've had to do anything special to them in more than 9 months though so I'm still pretty pleased with our current wash routine!  Having to bleach them once or twice a year to deep clean seems totally reasonable to me with toddler diapers.

In between we've read Go, Dog. Go!  a hundred times and played trucks for hours on end. 

Pretty good week if you ask me.

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