Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Consignment Shopping: Round 2

Last week, Jack and I made a 30 minute trip to another local consignment sale. I had never been to this particular sale before because it's a little bit of a hike, but WOW! It was a HUGE sale and totally worth the drive! I got so many great deals and bought clothing for both kids in a variety of sizes.

For Baby Dos:

Oops!  Forgot this one :)

Newborn:  1 Circo brand Sleeper

0-3 months:  2 Sleepers, both Carter's brand, one of them was new with tags!

3-6 months: 
     - 1 Carter's brand sleeper,
     - 1 3-piece (pants, short-sleeved onesie, button down long-sleeved shirt) Carter's brand outfit, new with tags!
     - 5 short-sleeved Carter's brand onesies
     - an additional onesie in a brand I've never heard of, new with tags!

6-9 months:
     - 2 short-sleeved Carter's brand onesies
     - 1 pair cotton pants, also Carter's brand
     - a darling little Circo brand zip-up hoodie

For Jack:

2T: A pair of camo pants and a pair of Old Navy brand jeans

     - 2 pairs of jeans, one is Carter's brand, the other is OshKosh B'gosh, both have the adjustable waist bands which are awesome!
     - 2 pairs of Carter's brand fleece footie PJs (one was new with tags!)
     - 3 long sleeved t-shirts, a sweat shirt, and a sweater vest (mixed brands).

     - 1 pair of OshKosh B'gosh jeans
     - 4 pairs of pants (OshKosh B'gosh, Gymboree, Circo, Arizona)
     - 1 zip-up sweater that was new with tags
     - 1 long-sleeved Children's Place brand thermal
     - 1 heavy zip up Children's Place fleece that will be used as a coat
     - 1 Gymboree brand sweat shirt
     - a Green Bay Packers Starter jersey, so he can be just like DaDa!

Total: $94.50

Obviously I spent a good amount of money, but look what I got!  40 pieces of clothing, which works out to an average of $2.36 per item.  Especially when considering 5 of those items still had tags on them and I'm very discerning with what I purchase, even the stuff without tags doesn't look used.  AND I got things in multiple sizes.  Obviously babies go through a lot of clothes the first year, but the stuff I got for Jack gives us an awesome head start on the next TWO years of cold-weather clothing.  You just can't beat that!

I'm super happy with what I got.  Like I said, the sale was huge so it was nice to be able to really pick through things and get really nice clothing at great prices!  We spent about 2 hours shopping and Jack was a champ the whole time.  He got a little antsy towards the very end, but he was probably getting hungry anyway and a snack fixed him right up, buying me another 20-30mins to finish up my shopping.  The most expensive thing I bought was the Children's Place zip-up fleece.  It was $5, but it seriously looks brand spankin' new and I know it's a great deal because we buy Jack something similar every year.  The jeans and pants were mostly $3-$4 and the majority of the shirts I bought were $2.  Both of the footie PJs were $2 as well, including the pair that still had tags on them.

There are still a few more sales coming up in the next few weeks.  I'll probably hit them up for more baby clothes (babies just outgrow stuff so quickly!) as well as to keep my eyes peeled for very specific things to round out Jack's wardrobe.

Annnnd now I have to clean out Jack's drawers to make room for the new stuff and store the outgrown stuff.  Always the worst part!

So excited for great deals! 

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