Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Consignment Shopping

Last week was the start of fall consignment sale season.  I hit up the first sale and came home with a few good deals!  This time I was shopping for not just one, but TWO kids, yikes!  Now that we know that we're expecting a little girl I'm definitely on the look out for good deals on girl clothes.

For Jack:

1 Old Navy zip-up hoodie
1 Gymboree long-sleeved T-shirt with a TRUCK on it, new with tags still on!
1 pair of Gymboree Chinos (Chinos?  Khakis?  Not sure... they have cargo pockets and are a greenish color.  Some sort of pants :)  )
2 pairs of Carters long-sleeved cotton PJs

Everything is 4T.  He probably won't wear the pants or the PJs until next Fall at least, but I'm guessing he'll be ready for 4T tops before the Winter is over.  He has such a long torso!  I was on the lookout for 2T pants and 3T tops and pants as well, but I didn't find anything good.  Next sale!

For Baby Dos:

All Carters brand 0-3 months:
     - 1 sleeping gown (or, as Mark refers to them, Baby-in-a-Bag, awesome for overnight changes, of course!)
     - 3 one-piece sleepers (I call these sleepers, I think they're also called Sleep N Plays, maybe?)

I also picked up this mesh bath sling.  We have a traditional infant tub, of course, but this was only $3 and I thought it would be nice to have on hand for bathing the kids together.  Couldn't pass it up for that price and it looks brand new!

Total: $36

Great deals considering nothing even looks used.

And also?  ZOMG there are baby girl things in my house!  So strange! 

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