Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Garden Update

Lots of changes to the garden since I first posted about it.  Everything is growing well, but time will tell how things actually turn out.  It hasn't been too hot here and we've been getting some rain to help with the watering.  We usually tend to have problems later in the year once stuff is actually producing things to eat!

Our zucchini plant (rear) has blossoms on it, so hopefully we will have some zucchini to eat soon!  The honeydew plant (left front) is totally taking over.  There are several blossoms.  I'm interested to see how this turns out as I don't have any experience with melon plants.  The green and jalapeno pepper plants (middle and right front) haven't really done much, but they do look healthy and I think I'm beginning to see tiny pepper buds so maybe we'll see some action from these soon.

4th of July (left rear), Cherry (right rear), and Roma (left front) all have green tomatoes on them and the cherry are starting to turn red.  The bush beans (right front) have lots of little beans on them!  I actually think a handful are ready to be picked.  Maybe we'll have some with dinner tonight! 

And here are our herbs.  (Left to right) Stevia, sweet mint, Italian parsley, and sweet basil.  Everything seems to be growing well.  I've already pinched the basil back once to encourage it to bush out and there are new little stems starting.

Hopefully we get a decent yield.  Jack is really into the garden.  Usually the first thing he says when we go out back is "let's go see the garden".  He likes to talk about the plants and really check them out.

Jack likes to "read the clues" (a.k.a. the little information markers that come with the plants).   Look at that post-lunch belly!  

Last night we picked our first cherry tomato and he thought it was pretty fun to pick and eat it!  There would have been one other cherry tomato ready to eat a few days ago, but someone's little fingers might have been a little too rough while checking out the plants and it fell off a little prematurely ;)

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