Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Menu Plan Monday - Week of July 14th

Erm... Tuesday.

Friday we took advantage of the gorgeous (seriously, perfect!  Finally!) weather and Mark's shortened work day to head to the zoo.  Much easier trip with two parents!

Saturday, Mark, my dad, and brother, oh, and Jack too, of course ;) worked on putting in a new sliding glass door in our kitchen.  The door was gifted to us by my parents for our birthday (so excited about this gift!  Our old door has needed replaced for so long, but we kept putting it off for some reason.  It was annoying to open and close because the track was worn out.).

While the boys were working I spent my day with a cranky, overtired, but can't-nap-because-I-might-miss-the-action baby.  Babywearing for the win!

Sunday was day 2 of operation door replacement.  Almost finished!  I had no idea how much work went into replacing one of these things.

Here's what we're eating this week:

Sunday:  Leftovers

Monday:  Chipotle-Inspired Chicken Burritos - carried over from last week

Tuesday:  Breakfast for dinner

Wednesday:  Grilled BBQ Chicken Sandwiches with Baked Sweet Potato Fries

Thursday:  Leftovers/Freezer Meal

Friday:  Jalapeno Cheddar Chicken Burgers with Guacamole with Zesty Oven Fries

Saturday:  Out

I'm linked at Menu Plan Monday hosted by OrgJunkie.com


  1. Great menu. We love chipotle too. I actually order off the kids menu quite often and find it more then enough for me. I pinned the chipotle inspired burrito. It looks yummy. Have a nice week.

    1. We are huge Chipotle fans around here! This knock-off recipe is a pretty good substitute when you can't have the real thing. Plus, it's a little more portion appropriate ;) Hope you enjoy it!

      Thanks for commenting!


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