Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Molly - 6 Months!

Wow, that was a quick half a year!

Time just seems to speed by so quickly right now.  I'd like to just slow it down.

This month, Molly hit another Wonder Week and we definitely went through a rough patch.  We had some good days and some fussier days, but sleep has definitely been impacted.  Naps have been all over the place as far as length.  Some days they're an hour, occasionally even closer to 1 1/2 - 2, some days they're 30-40 minutes.

The ease with which she will go to sleep varies greatly as well.  We've had some epic sleep fighting happen this month.  But we've also had times where she just lays down and goes straight to sleep.  There's just no predicting it.  Molly is also waking once overnight for a bottle.  Typically this happens between 4 and 5am, but sometimes earlier, sometimes later.  Definitely could be worse.  Hopefully we should be on the tail end of this so ::fingers crossed:: that things improve a bit here soon.

In big milestone news Molly is definitely sitting up now.  She's still a little unsteady and easily tips if she leans too far in any direction, but she's doing really well.

She had her first taste of food this week, right on her 6 month birthday anniversary.  We gave her some avocado and she seemed interested and liked it okay.  She didn't eat too much, just enough to get a taste really, but did plenty of smushing and mushing and rubbing it all around her tray.  I went into this introduction without any expectations, but she did really well with it.  Definitely more receptive than Jack seemed with his first taste of real food.

Right now, we're planning to use a baby led weaning approach, which essentially just means letting baby feed themselves from the get go.  So, no purees, no spoon feeding.  We just present the food to her and she will introduce it to herself at her own pace.  It's an interesting, and sensible, concept and it seems like there are many benefits.  We'll see what happens!

Skeptibaby is skeptical, but she's now big enough to fit comfortably in the Boba.  It's nice to have a quick on/off option for babywearing.

Molly's schedule is still about the same as last month and she's still eating 4-5oz at a time during the day with a larger 8oz bottle for her first feeding of the day (which has been very early morning/overnight this month).

Attempted her first ride in the stroller at the zoo a couple weeks ago.  She liked it fine, until I was pushing her and she couldn't see me anymore.  Then she was over it.  The ride was very short lived.  It's okay though, I wasn't too crazy about not being able to see her face.  Back up into the wrap she went.  We'll give it some more time.

Still no back-to-front rolling, but she doesn't really seem interested in trying it.  Rolling onto her side seems to be enough for her.

She's very into toys this month.  She's a pro at grasping things and bringing them to her mouth so she loves to shake rattles and chew on new textures.  We've pulled out a handful of toys for her now and she enjoys entertaining herself with them.  She still loves the jumperoo and hangs out happily in her bouncy seat to watch what's going on in the kitchen.  She loves anything Jack does and tries to grab his attention whenever she can.

On to month 7!

(Seriously?!  Half a year!  How did that happen already?!)

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