Wednesday, April 24, 2013

We're goin' to the zoo, zoo, zoo!

I took my first trip to the zoo today.  Let me tell you all about what I saw!

Yesterday, we took our first trip of the year to the zoo.  We are lucky to have a wonderful local zoo and we all love visiting!

It was not only our first visit of the year, but Molly's very first visit as an outside baby!  The last time we went to the zoo was in December to see the Wildlights and I was pretty pregnant! 

Visiting the zoo is usually a pretty tiring trip, even when it was just Jack and me.  There's a lot of walking, things to schlep along, etc.  I've found that visiting (anywhere really) with TWO little ones is exponentially more tiring!  AND Molly is still extremely portable so I'm sure it will get even more difficult from here! 

Okay, well, I slept through most of it, but I did see fish in the giant aquarium and thought it was pretty cool!

It was a pretty good visit.  The weather was perfect.  Jack was excited to go.  Molly ate shortly after we arrived and then pretty much just slept in the wrap the rest of the time.  New this visit was Jack wanting to walk more than he wanted to ride.  It makes me nervous that I don't have him contained in such a big place with so many people, but he is getting older (and pretty big for the stroller) so it's going to happen.  I feel like I was on anxious, high alert the whole time, but he did pretty good with it overall.  We'll work on it. 

Molly pretty much saw the aquarium and then slept the rest of the time.  Jack was more interested in running around than seeing any animals and had a few episodes of 3-year-oldness, but he got over it and enjoyed himself most of the time. 

I thought for sure after all that walking and running around that Jack would take a nap when he got home, but unsurprisingly he did not.  *I* was more than ready for a nap, but Miss Molly slept the whole time we were there so she was bright-eyed when we got home!  On top of that, Mark is out of town so I'm flying solo with both kids for the first time.  At least we all slept well last night!

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