Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fall Fun

I'm a little behind on documenting our fun as of late.  I finally got pictures uploaded so here's what we've been up to lately!

A few weekends ago we went apple picking with friends.  I've always wanted to go apple picking but always seem to miss out so I'm really glad we got a chance to do it.  We had lots of fun!  Apples were picked, fresh pumpkin spice donuts were consumed, and I'm already excited to make this an annual experience moving forward!

Molly enjoyed picking, but mostly she just pulled leaves off.

This is a little more representative of Mark's feelings about our apple picking adventure:

I made and canned applesauce with some of the apples we picked.  It was my first time canning anything and now I kind of want to can All The Things!

The next weekend we were in need of pumpkins for Halloween purposes so we headed to the pumpkin patch!

Jack was extremely selective about his pumpkin.  Not just any old pumpkin would do!  He really searched for just the right one.
Had to bring the muscle.  The farm had a deal where you could get as many pumpkins as you could carry in from the field for $14.  Lucky for Mark we only needed 4.  

And then the Halloween festivities were upon us.  Jack was so excited leading up to Halloween that he talked about it everyday and always asked in the morning what day it was and if it was Halloween yet.  It might have had something to do with his excitement over his costume!  This was the first year that he really cared what his costume is and he requested to be a truck.  I asked him for weeks what he wanted to be and he just kept saying a truck.  Then I had to figure out how we were going to pull this off!  His costume turned out pretty cute though, I think!

The day before Halloween we had a party with friends.  Molly and her little friend Hallie were both ladybugs!  Too cute!

On Halloween Jack had his party at school.  He got to wear his costume and they had a parade, which was just adorable!

Trick-or-Treat was supposed to be that same night, but we ended up having some thunderstorms, which is pretty strange for this time of year, so they rescheduled our community Trick-o- Treat for 2 days later on Saturday.  I thought Jack would be pretty bummed considering how much he was looking forward to it, but he was surprisingly okay.  I think it helped that he had his party earlier that day.

From left to right: Mark's (always) angry pumpkin, Jack's pumpkin, for which he instructed how the eyes, nose, and mouth should be carved, Molly's pumpkin with bangs like her (haha) and her two little bottom teeth, and finally my (always) happy pumpkin.  That's a fine looking pumpkin family!  :D

We Trick-or-Treated on Saturday and this was Jack's first real time going.  He loved it!  He did a great job of saying "trick-or-treat!" and "thank you" and was very serious about staying in his truck character the whole time :)

Trick-or-Treat at my parents' house was rescheduled for Sunday (odd, I know) so we headed there to do a little more Trick-or-Treating with my nieces.

Both Molly and Rilynn were dressed as ladybugs.  We didn't plan it that way, but it was really cute for them to have matching costumes!

They were too cute Trick-or-Treating together!

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