Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Randoms


Tuesday afternoon, during the mini-marathon that is getting the kids fed, Jack ready for school, and out the door in a timely manner for preschool drop-off I couldn't locate my keys.  ::cue panic::  We needed to leave right. then. and my keys were MIA.  Where were they?  I discovered them just in the nick of time sitting very conveniently on my trunk.  Great place to keep them, right?  ::face palm::  Lucky for me the snow that had fallen on them overnight had melted by lunchtime otherwise there's no way I would have found them.


Mark brought me home an early Christmas gift: a new heated blanket!  I can't tell you how exciting this is to me.  Our room gets so. cold. this time of year.  Add to that I'm pretty much frozen from mid-September to mid-April and it's not a good combination.  We've used a dual-controlled heated blanket for a few years and it's awesome, but it seems that the stupid things need replaced every other year (what's with that?  Does this happen to anyone else?).  My side always goes bad.  Mark says from overuse (because he could basically do without the blanket to begin with), I say that's bullcocky because how could I use it improperly?!  So what if I crank it up to the highest level?  It's there for a reason!  Anyway... new blanket.  Happy (warm) me.  Hope this one lasts more than 2 winters.


I have The Purge in hand and I'm super psyched to watch it tonight.  Hope it's good!


I bought this little food mat thing the other day and it's definitely one of my new favorite things!  I picked it up at Tarjay for, I think, $6.  It's made by Gerber and it's awesome!  We had something similar with Jack and it was horrible; it didn't lay flat, didn't stick to the table, basically it was worthless.  The mat I just bought is nice and flexible so not only does it fold easily for storage, but it lays nice and flat on the table.  It also clings to the table to keep it from sliding around and it even has a short lip around the edges, which although not super rigid, does help to keep food on the table.  It's dishwasher safe too!  This definitely helps to simplify feeding Molly on the go.  Love it!


War on Thanksgiving.  I complain about it every year.  It's really not the holiday season until I make my annual grumbles about the situation.  It drives me insane to see stores putting out Christmas items immediately following Halloween (or earlier!  I can't even...). One holiday at a time and being that Thanksgiving is my favorite of holidays I hate that it gets lost in the push for early Christmas.  Anyway, I typically don't even give a thought to holiday gifts until after Thanksgiving (to be honest, I don't love general gift-giving.  I just don't think I'm very good at it.  I stress.), but this year I'm kind of proud to say that I've bought a few gifts in the last week or so.  It seems that because Thanksgiving happens to fall so late this year (and retailers seem to compete more every year for consumers' business) I've seen some great deals pop up so I've taken advantage of them.  I have two people checked off my list plus a gift for Mark!  I'm never, ever going to be the kind of person who starts shopping over the summer (I know plenty of people who do, and I get it to a certain extent, I guess), but look at procrastinator-me being all proactive and on top of things.  ::pats self on back::

Happy Friday!

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