Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cornelia Marie or Our Freezer?

You decide.

Several weeks ago we noticed that our freezer was beginning to look perplexing similar to a frozen tundra.  Frost was beginning to accumulate out of nowhere.  Not just frost, but inches of frost and ice.  So much so that Mark would often have to get all Deadliest Catch and chisel some ice off the shelves so that we could get things out or I don't know, maybe shut the freezer door.  We thought the seal was broken. 

Shortly thereafter, we discovered that the fridge wasn't staying consistently cold.  We had a problem with this after we moved into the house and our homeowners insurance paid to replace the seal and the thermostat on our nearly 30-year-old appliance.  Yes, like me, it's a product of the 80s.

At the time of our recent discovery we tossed around the idea of getting an appliance repair person out to look at the fridge, or maybe even taking the plunge and replacing it.  Right when we started to get really fed up with it, the fridge magically got cold again.  We continued to have trouble with the frozen tundra that was our freezer, but it was keeping things frozen and we also have a stand-up freezer in our garage to keep things in.  As long as our food was staying fresh we were content.

Fast-forward to this week.  We again realized that the fridge wasn't keeping things cool enough.  The water in our Brita pitcher might as well have been taken directly from the tap for as non-chilled as it was.  We also had an incident with some chicken spoiling.  Sunday it all came to a head.  I went to use some milk with a "sell by" date of 9/1/10 and it was lumpy.  LUMPY!  Gross!  It was at that point that I began really kvetching and Mark promised that he would get a repair-person out to visit as soon as possible. 

Today was that day.  Originally, our appointment was for early afternoon.  No problem.  Somehow it got moved to between 8 and 9AM.  That is a problem.  Right around that time is when I'm trying to get a fussy baby who doesn't like to go to sleep down for his morning nap.  Luckily for me and non-sleeping baby, Mark was able to leave for work a little late so that he was here to meet the repairman. 

Mr. Fridgeman was here maybe 5 minutes.  I'm willing to bet that he was here even shorter than that span of time.  He was here long enough to tell us that our refrigerator is un-fixable and collect a check for $65+tax.  But don't worry, service calls are good for 3 weeks, so if we want to have him out again during that time period it won't cost anything additional.  Really?  So... I can schedule a time to have him come back out to tell us again that we have to invest in a new fridge?  Awesome.  Sign me up for that. 

So, we are now trying to decide what to do about a new fridge.  I've been browsing Craigslist in hopes of scoring a used appliance for a good price.  I really don't want to shell out for an overpriced model from a home improvement store right now.  That'll just make me even more angry.  Not to mention, we don't plan on staying in this house forever so if we do purchase a nice fridge we'd have to worry about taking it with us and all that entails. 



  1. Oh girl, it is just the time for failing appliances!! We just replaced our A/C AND had our dishwasher repaired. :-/ Oh, and my husband fixed our dryer a week or two ago! They come in 3s, eh?

  2. I can't believe you had to pay $65+ for that. I hope the repair guy at least gave you some kind of explanation. With any luck you will find a fridge soon. Maybe something good will come up on Craig's List like you said. :)


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