Sunday, September 28, 2008

Half-weekend Re-cap.

Technically it's still the weekend being that it is Sunday, but I will recap thus far since I've been busy and haven't been updating as much as I'd like!

Friday, on the way home from work, the check engine light on my car came on... AGAIN! Gah! No, I have no clue what could be wrong with it this time, just that I'm sure there's something going on, and it's probably expensive knowing my luck...

Saturday, Mark and I ran errands - very exciting, I know - and then I made a double batch of cupcakes for our friend Carrie's 30th birthday party - which was last night - and my sister's baby shower - which is this afternoon. They turned out pretty yummilicious if I do say so myself, and I will ; )

We went to the b-day party last night. There was Mexican food and strawberry margaritas. I was a very happy girl... until the end of the night, at which point my body finally recognized that I had eaten a little too much Mexican food and washed it down with a few too many margaritas. I felt a bit nauseous on the ride home...

TODAY, I have to drive 25-30 minutes away to my parent's house for my sister's baby shower. I still have to ice her cupcakes too... hmmmm... perhaps I should get started on that. Anyway, I'm trying to decide whether to call my Dad and tell him that the engine light is on, on my car - chancing that he may tell me not to drive on it, which would be a PITA - or, take my chances of breaking down in the middle of nowhere, but hopefully show up at their house unscathed and act like, gee... that check engine light must have JUST come on! I wonder what's wrong with it....? And, hope that my Dad has a minute to look at it.

Decisions, decisions.

AND, it's back to work tomorrow. I am not looking forward to this. I WILL like my new job... eventually. I haven't really gotten into the actual work that I will eventually be doing, and I strongly dislike the lame stuff that I'm working on right now. Essentially, I suppose you could say that I'm doing telemarketing calls. Definitely not what I was hired in to do. I said on Friday that I felt that I was being jumped into the company by being put on these calls.

I guess we'll see what next week has in store for me.

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