Thursday, September 11, 2008

*Le Sigh*

I am very discouraged that once I finally scrape myself out of bed in the mornings it is now dark when I venture out to work. Not to mention the lack of light makes it even harder to do the scraping to begin with.

The morning darkness is a sign of impending cold weather. To be honest, I like this time of year. It gets a little cooler, just enough to be able to shut the air conditioning off and open the windows to a nice breeze, but it's still warm and sunny outside - just not stiflingly so.

However, this super-nice weather doesn't last forever. Don't let it trick you like it does so many other Fall-lovers! The leaves are already starting to turn yellow and a few have even fallen off the trees. I know what this means - Winter - icky gray, slushy, ice on the roads so you wreck your new Mustang into a guardrail, so cold your face might freeze off weather! Winter in Ohio, is on it's way. Brace yourselves.


I am not yet mentally prepared for this.

At least it's nearing soup eating weather and I got a new dutch oven for the wedding.

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