Thursday, September 11, 2008

Woot Woot!

I'm leaving work today at 12.30PM to begin my loooooong (and hopefully restful - we'll see) 4-day weekend! Goodness how I do love leaving my job. I haven't encountered a negative thing yet. Gotta use up that vacation time!!!

I'm going to take advantage of my short day and go to the salon to get my hair cut. I did the whole post-wedding chop thing shortly after we returned from our honeymoon. Actually, it was like 4 days after we returned... ANYWAY, after that, I wasn't quite sure how I felt about shorter hair. I took a lot off! Now, I've decided that I like it, at least for now, and it's time for a trim. I'm thinking of doing something even more dramatic than before... I guess now is as good a time as any. We'll see if I have the guts this afternoon!!!


So, I went for it! I got the Posh-bob, or the "Pob" as it has been dubbed. I know. I know. It's supah popular right now, and I suspect it's becoming the new "Rachel" do from the 90s. Remember that? Yeah... I had my hair cut like that too, but at least mullets haven't made a comeback.

ANYHOO, here's the result for your viewing pleasure - I think it's pretty cute:

This is also my best Posh impression. I need to work on looking a bit more alien-like I think. Ah well.

And also, Kitteh - because she's cute:

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