Thursday, September 4, 2008

!!! I GOT THE JOB!!!

This is so exciting!

Okay, so lately, well, for a while now really... my job has been The Suck. Honestly, I just don't think that I'm cut out to be a state employee, at least not in this agency. There is too much crap that goes on around here besides work and serving the public. It drives me crazy!

Anyhoo, I started perusing for a new job about... 3 weeks ago maybe? I talked to Mark about it, and he really encouraged me (and has for a long time) to get the heck out of where I am. This agency is a sinking ship. The state has cut their budget and they are doing major lay offs as it is. My agency has always been an incestuous little cess pool of ridiculousness and it has only gotten worse as of late. I don't think it's too much to ask to want to come into work, do a good job, serve the public, and then go home without complication. Apparently the joke that they call management around here does not agree with my philosophy. Because of this disconnect I am getting out before I drown with the rest of them!

Soooo, like I said, I've been looking around for another job for a few weeks now. Mark and I talked it over and we agreed that I'd be willing to even take a pay cut as long as I was moving to a position/company that I liked and there was more opportunity for growth than I currently have. So I started applying for open positions, mostly administrative assistant/executive secretary/office manager sort of jobs. At some point, I ended up posting my resume on and about 2-3 days after that, I got a call from someone in HR of a company that I'd never heard of before. She asked if it was a good time, I said no - because it wasn't - and she ended up calling me back later that evening.

That's when she told me about this UNBELIEVABLE job opportunity! I couldn't believe it. I mean, honestly, they couldn't have designed a better position for me if they had consulted with me first! It was just awesome! That was Thursday of last week. Monday was a holiday, so we scheduled an interview for Tuesday afternoon, and late Wednesday morning they called me to offer me the position!

!!!I'm so excited!!!

The benefits are awesome, the company sounds just perfect, and the building has windows! Windows, I tell ya! You can see the outside while working, which is not the case in the ex-airport hanger where I currently work. (Note: This is not an over exaggeration. I am speaking literally here. The other half of our building still houses giant airplanes while they are being worked on!)

I just put in my resignation this morning. I kept it very short and sweet. My last official day is supposed to be Thursday, September 18th, but I'm thinking of taking that as a vacation day and having my last day be Wednesday the 17th. I start my brand new job on Monday, September 22nd. I think that sounds like a great start day! I really can't take the recent chain of events, culminating with this AWESOME opportunity falling into my lap, as anything other than the universe tossing me a life preserver and I'm gonna cling to that thing with all my strength!

I know that my smarmy little puppet of a Supervisor has read my resignation letter. How do I know this? Well, of course I can track the e-mail, but also, I heard her audibly groan from her office. Of course she won't say anything to me until she's been told what to do by her Supervisor, but that will be a while still since said Secretary of Agency doesn't breeze into work for her $100,000+/year, 4 hour work day position until around 10AM every morning. Sure would be nice. Oh well, I can't wait for the fall out. I can't help but be a bit excited about abandoning ship after all of the negative crap fumes that have been swirling around this shit hole for so long.

Bon Voyage Bitches!

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