Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Baby Watch 2010 - Update [40 weeks, 1 day]

I saw my doctor today at the appointment I swore last week I would not be at because certainly I would not be pregnant past my due date. Ha.

I'm STILL at 2 cms dilated, 80% effaced. Again I got the, "WOW! His head is so low" exclamation. Yeah, that's what you alllll say. That's what you've been saying for weeeeeks now and I'm well aware of how low he is, but why isn't he coming out?!

I requested that she sweep my membranes, which by the way was SUPER uncomfortable. I have read about this procedure quite a bit and I knew that I didn't want to attempt it until I had at least reached my due date. Well now is the time so hopefully we'll see some action! The doctor said that there's about a 50/50 chance of this working to jump start my labor. If it does work I should go into labor tonight or tomorrow at the latest. Right now, I am VERY sore and crampy. I really hope that this turns into something and I'm not uncomfortable for nothing.

Additionally, the big "I" was thrown out there. Yep, induction. According to my doctor they don't like you to go past 41 weeks gestation. If I don't go on my own by the end of this weekend I would need to be induced or go in on Monday for an ultrasound and a non-stress test (where they hook you up to monitors) to make sure that all is well with the baby. She also said that they would not let me go past 42 weeks for any reason. The good news is that she said my body is VERY ready to have this baby and she thinks that all I need is some contractions to get started and then labor should progress beautifully.

With that information we decided to tentatively schedule an induction for Sunday night (February 28th). I'm not 100% at peace with this decision, but on the other hand it makes me feel so much better emotionally to know that there is an end in sight. The doctor said that I can change my mind and cancel the induction. I'm just not sure what I want yet! I know that I really, REALLY want to go into labor naturally and have as few interventions as possible. On the other hand I'm so physically miserable right now and emotionally exhausted as well. If I don't go into labor on my own prior to Sunday evening is it even worth waiting another week if I end up having to be induced at 42 weeks instead of 41? THAT would be a huge disappointment!

I'm really just hoping that I go into labor on my own, the sooner the better! But ultimately, the important thing is that the baby comes out happy and healthy however that may be accomplished.

Also, want proof that the Universe hates me? Sunday night Mark came down with a nasty cold. We have both (especially him!) been so careful throughout this pregnancy about germs. We've both managed to avoid the seasonal flu, H1N1, all other sorts of nasty things that float around this time of year and now that the baby is supposed to be here any time Mark gets sick! So of course, last night I woke up with cold symptoms as well. That's right, I'm now terribly uncomfortable and in pain, past my due date, AND I have a cold that I can't take anything for because my baby won't come out!!! To say it's not fair is a bit of an understatement in my current opinion.

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