Wednesday, February 17, 2010

No News. [39 weeks, 1 day]

Just got home from the doctor and basically I have made zero progress since last week. I really wanted to hear that I had made some progress, but I also know that my cervix isn't a great indicator of when I'll go into labor. So we're still at "it could happen any time" and we're in full on (annoying) waiting mode.

They did say that my blood pressure was slightly elevated. This is the first time that it hasn't been at a totally normal level so lucky me, I got to pee in a cup and give blood. It was a super fun appointment. ::shakes head no::

The doctor suggested that I take time to rest more. I advised her that all I do is rest. Lordy! I hardly get out of bed anymore because I'm so uncomfortable! And you know what? I'm not going to rest. I'm going to clean my house because it's an absolute wreck because I have been resting. So there!

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