Monday, February 8, 2010

Baby Watch 2010 - Update [37 weeks, 6 days]

Just got home from the doctor. She checked my cervix today - I won't go into detail but it was NOT fun. Trust. - She said I'm 2 cm dilated and 80% effaced (non-baby speak translation = my cervix is really thin so it should dilate soon and easily). What made me even more excited was this statement, "the baby's head is not going to get any lower until you're actually pushing him out"! She said he has dropped REALLY low and his head is right up against my cervix. I'm hoping this bodes well for a quick labor and delivery since he won't really have to drop down into my pelvis - he's already there! No wonder I'm in such pain including, but not limited to: ongoing pelvic, lower back, and hip pain, as well as terrible sharp stabbity pains that feel like they're actually in my vag.

Yes, I recognize that the above is probably TMI, but really I'm preparing to push a human from my body which is just unnecessary in and of itself ;)

I keep telling him to "swim down" and I guess he has listened. Since it doesn't sound like he can swim down any further I'm going to have to think of a new vibe to send him... I guess it's now just a matter of my water breaking and/or labor hormones kicking in!

Something interesting to note: Doctor's don't fully understand what actually triggers the onset of labor. Theories are as follows:

•The physical aging of the placenta may cause insufficient nutrients to reach the fetus.

•The uterus reaches a crucial point of distension, which may cause tension on muscle fibers and stimulate their activity.

•Nerve impulses from the uterus to the posterior pituitary gland may bring about release of oxytocin (a hormone which causes the uterus to contract).

•Decrease in the level of the hormone pregesterone, may cause uterine changes.

•Adrenal glands of the fetus, when mature, may release a substance to stimulate labor.

•The release of prostaglandin from the wall of the uterus may initiate labor.

(from SutterHealth)

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