Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy Due Date to Me [40 weeks, 0 days]

Baby's still not here. I'm still uncomfortable. And we're still waiting. That's all the update I have. Really wish I had more...

Yesterday in the mail I received a letter from the hospital at which I'm planning to deliver (if the baby ever decides to make an arrival!!!) asking that I prepay for the stay that I've not yet had. To make the process smoother I can pay an estimated $800+ for my care and an estimated $300 for the baby's care. These are the estimated out of pocket expenses after the insurance company pays their portion. Gee, thanks so much for giving me this opportunity!

Do they think I have idiot tattooed on my forehead? I'm not prepaying for anything! A) I didn't get an itemized list of expenses, just a one page letter indicating that I should use the handy enclosed envelope (::eye roll::) to fork over nearly $1200 for a hospital stay and procedures I haven't even had yet! B) Estimated costs? You've GOT to be kidding me? I don't pay $1200 out of pocket on demand for estimated costs! I'll pay for services and procedures rendered once I know what they are and what I'm paying for. I'm not paying an estimate, I'll pay the bill once it's set in stone thank you very much.

I don't really blame the hospital. I'm sure that this is just the first communication in a long line of letters they plan to send to make sure that the patient balance is paid to them. I'm sure that in a lot of situations they will send lots and lots of letters before they see any money, if they ever do.

I'll go ahead and blame this one on the insurance company because the estimated $1200 is probably the 20% we are supposed to cover, however I'm also quite certain that that "estimate" will end up being way more out of pocket once the insurance company ends up picking through each and every procedure and pill given.

One thing that has been proven to me throughout this pregnancy is that 80/20 insurance is a myth. The insurance company just picks and chooses what to pay for and then we are responsible for all the rest. So glad we see an in-network provider. I'd hate to see out of pocket expenses for a non-approved provider. And I'll end there because I can rant about the state of medical insurance in this country for as long as there are people to listen.

Moral of the story? Sending a very uncomfortable, very pregnant woman who has officially passed her due date a letter asking that I pay for the birth of a baby that quite possibly may NEVER come out of my body is not a wise thing. Hospitals should note that they should hit people up for money once the baby is actually here and the people who are to be forking over the cash are in a sparkly state of falling in love with their newborn! It probably won't make people as angry!

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  1. That baby must seriously be chillin in your womb. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!


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