Sunday, June 29, 2008

Day 5 of Operation: Socialization & Other Things

Kitteh and Belle are getting along better than they were. They still aren't BFFs yet, but they do seem to be getting into exchanging Christmas cards once a year territory, kinda friendly.

They seem to be less aware of one another - Kitteh actually seems more comfortable around the dog, than she around Kitteh - and today, Belle actually gave Kitteh some kisses. Belle likes to give everyone kisses. They were kind of rough, and not very loving, but Kitteh allowed it, and it seems to mean that Belle doesn't totally hate her, and hopefully won't try to drown her in the toilet while we are away. Hopefully we will continue to move in this positive direction. I have hope.

I finished reading The Host, the newest Stephenie Meyer novel, this morning. It took a little while to get into - she's actually my first Science Fiction author anyway - but once I got about 75 pages in, the plot really picked up from there. The book is about bodysnatchers (at least I think that's the proper Sci-Fi term) and the beginning was very technical, and really served to set up the rules for the story. All in all, I found the novel to be very worthwhile, different, but worthwhile. I'm hoping to see more adult Fiction from this author.

We spent the rest of today writing thank you notes. Mark actually wrote 99% of the thank yous for his side of the guest list, I wrote the rest. It was very nice being able to split the duty with someone and it really made the task go faster. We are planning to get them out in the mail tomorrow, and I will officially be done with all wedding related tasks - well, except for organizing all of our shower/wedding gifts that are still occupying the entire floor of the office, but we just close the door and don't talk about it. Now, I can move on to selling off all of the stuff that's taking up space in our spare room.

It's going to be a somewhat busy week, but thankfully it's only a 4-day week at work. My Mom's birthday is on Tuesday, July 1st, and Mark's and my birthday is on Friday, July 4th, which is why it's a holiday week at work - yes, we have the same birthday, it's very strange. I will be 22 and he will be 29. Next year, he has to say goodbye to his twenties. I enjoy reminding him of this.

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