Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dim-witted Moment of the Day.

This didn't occur til near the end of the morning, so I suppose it's not quite as bad as other days.

Me: Are you the claimant, or the employer?
Stupid: Yes.

Me: Are you the claimant, or the employer?
Stupid: Yes.

Me: Sir, are you the claimant, or are you the employer?
Stupid: Oooh, oh, the employee.

Me: Okay, you're the claimant. What is your name?
Stupid: Gives name.

Me: What telephone number would you like to be reached at?
Stupid: Oh, I don't have a number. Do you need to call me back?

**sidenote: this is all clearly addressed in all of the paperwork that we send out. They actually have to sort through the important info that they aren't reading to even find the number to call me at.

Me: Yes, if you would like to participate in the hearing, you will need to be called back. This is all clearly stated on the paperwork that we sent you.
Stupid: Well, what if I call you back in 15 minutes (the scheduled start time of the hearing)?

Me: You would still need to provide us with a number that you are at that accepts incoming phone calls.
Stupid: Well, I'm at a friends house. I'm going to need to get the number. Can you hold a minute?

**Again, this is all clearly addressed in paperwork that you need to have this ready to go.

Me: No. I have other people who are waiting that need to be entered for their hearings. Is it the number that's showing up on the caller ID?
Stupid: I dunno. I would assume so.

Me: ::enters number::
Okay, they will call you back to start the hearing.
Stupid: What time?


Okay, that's what I wanted to say, but I didn't, to my credit, instead I answered a more polite way, something that had a similar notion.

Today was a trying day.

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