Monday, June 23, 2008

Dim-witted Moment of the Day.

And the award is presented at 9.15AM Monday morning.

Me: Are you the claimant, or the employer?
Stupid: Employer.

Me: Okay, what company are you with?
Stupid: (states company name in question)

Me: What is the claimant's name?
Stupid: (states claimant's name)

Me: Okay, what is your name?
Stupid: (re-states claimant's name)

Me: No, I'm sorry, what is your name?
Stupid: (re-states claimant's name, again)

Me: ...are you Mr. (claimant's last name)?
Stupid: Yes.

Me: ...uhm... you aren't an employer. You're the claimant in question.
Stupid: (said with unnecessary attitude) Uh, exactly. *sigh*

For the record, all of this information is very clearly stated on all of the paperwork sent out to interested parties. Also, it's pretty simple to understand whether you are an employer, an owner of a company, someone who pays OTHER people, the boss, vs. not that person. By default this should be an easy thing to figure out.

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