Thursday, June 26, 2008


"Oh Sh*t, we have a tornado warning."

This is what I was awakened by at approximately 12.30AM this morning. I went to sleep around 10.30PM because I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer, and after too little sleep, the universe feels that it's now time for me to get up and duck-and-cover from a tornado. I was not happy.

So, up we go, throw some clothes on, and Mark, Kitteh, and I herd into the bathroom - the only "safe spot" in our house, which really isn't that safe because it still has a window so we have to actually get IN the tub to be protected at all from any potential flying glass. We left Belle in her cage because she would actually be safer closeted in there, but the remainder of The McCarrell family spent the next half hour or so crouched in the bathtub freaking out. I started to have a panic attack, the doctor would be proud of me for noticing what set it off, which occured to my knowledge because I was roused from a deep sleep to duck-and-cover from a very inconveniently timed tornado! Sheesh! However, once I properly medicated myself, I spent the rest of our tornado-hiding time a little woozier than normal. A-okay with me.

After a while (about 1AM, or shortly thereafter) the sirens stopped and we herded - yet again unharmed, thank goodness - back out of the bathroom and back to bed, where we spent the next 30 minutes or so listening to the sirens to continuously blare regardless of the fact that the tornado warning had ended - apparently they were having some technical difficulties, again, very convenient at 1AM.

Mark and I proceeded to spend the wee hours of the morning making fun of the local weathercasters. They really are nothing but a grandiose joke, it's very sad, and also very predictable. My biggest pet peeve is the fact that the weather people are more interested in showing off their wonderous technology than actually showing us a radar that is in any way helpful to us. Unfortunately I do not care about the 3-D view of the storm over Central Ohio, nor do I want to see approximately how many and where the lightening strikes have hit in the last 5 minutes, because, shockingly enough, the lighting seems to follow the line of the storm, which we would be able to see if they would take down their STUPID GRAPHICS!!!

::composes self::

Obviously there is some left over frustration there.

I eventually got back to sleep, but didn't sleep very well because between the night's excitement, the continuing storms complete with thunder and lightening, and the Kitteh, who decided it was play time, when my alarm went off at 6AM, I literally felt like I had just shut my eyes.

Not the best way to begin a Thursday morning and the good news is, we are supposed to continue to have storms for the next 3 days : (

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