Friday, June 20, 2008

I've Been Bitten by the Post-Wedding Chop Bug

I'm feeling the need to cut my hair.

Everyone tried to warn me that this would happen. They all said that the wedding would come and immediately after, I would want to cut my hair. I told all of these people that they were crazy. Just because THEY felt the need to do so doesn't mean that it will happen to ME. I based this prediction mostly based upon the fact that many of these girls grew their hair out solely for the purpose of their wedding. I did not. My hair has been long my whole life - of course the length has varied some, and I go through stages where I want it to be short, chop it off, then want it long again, and proceed to grow it back out - but I really didn't think that my want for a hair chop would coincide so closely with our wedding.

Well, here we are not even 2 weeks married, we've only been back in town from the honeymoon for 4 days, and I've made an appointment to have my hair cut. Right now, my hair falls to about mid-back, maybe a little shy of mid-back, but it's LONG, I'm feeling that I want to have a mid-length style, something shoulder length-ish, cute, and bouncy for summer. I'm so tired of all this hair!

My appointment is this afternoon after work, so it's happening, I've been infected by the Post-wedding bug.

More on this topic to come later.

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