Friday, June 20, 2008

Dim-witted Moment of the Day.

While honing my Trophy Wife skills, during the day, I'm a civil servant. I am the lucky answerer of incoming calls at a State Agency. Yeah, it's loads of fun.

There are lots of stupid people in the world, people who can't seem to help themselves on a daily basis, this moment wins the Dumb Award for the day and it's only 8.53AM.

Incoming call at 8.45AM
Me: What time is your hearing?
Stupid: Well, I'm supposed to call 15 minutes before, so 8.30.

Me: Do you mean 9.00? It's 8.45 right now.
Stupid: No, it's scheduled for 8.30.

Me: ::looks up Stupid's name under 8.30 hearings::
Nope, nothing here, are you sure it was supposed to be for 8.30?
Stupid: Yes, the paper said to call in 15 minutes before the hearing, it's scheduled for 8.30AM, so I'm calling at 8.45. (said with attitude)

Me: ::scrolls through morning hearing schedule::
Ma'am, it looks like your hearing is scheduled for 8.45AM (at this point, it was about 8.46)
Stupid: Oh, well, what should I do, should I call back in at 9.00?

Me: No, you're supposed to call in 15 minutes BEFORE the hearing, that would mean that you were supposed to call it at 8.30.
Stupid: Oh, sorry.

She didn't sound sorry at all, what she should have apologized for was wasting precious moments of my life with her stupidity.

What I actually wanted to say: NO! YOU'RE STUPID! GO AWAY!

::Shakes Head::

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