Thursday, June 19, 2008

I Like Pink.

Tell me something I don't know, you say?

Clearly, if you are currently reading this, you may have an inkling that I'm partial to the color pink. Also, if you look at my MySpace page, my profile on The Knot, half of my wardrobe, most of my baking tools, several of my purses and shoes, the majority of my nail polish, our dog's collar and leash set (and many other of our pet-related items), and basically anything I can get my hands on, and have influence over the color of, it's pink, or better yet as the case may be, pink AND sparkley!

I can't tell you how many times my husband has rolled his eyes sarcastically following a statment along the lines of, "Does this come in pink?", "How bout pink?", "Puhleeeeease, can we paint it pink?", "Any way to make this pink and sparkely?", etc. It's a little bit of an obsession with me to tell you the truth, but at the core of it, pink just makes me happy, nothing more, nothing less. I'm just kind of a pink sparkley person - it's my personality.

My musings on my love for the color pink come in the wake of our wedding (which was a black, white, and PINK color scheme of course, and decorated with as many crystals and acrylic diamonds as possible!). For our wedding gift, my parents so graciously purchased for us a beautiful KitchenAid mixer! (I have been wanting one of these babies for about 3 years now. My baking productivity is about to increase exponentially!)

I registered for a pink mixer (of course), my parent's purchased for me a white one - not because they are necessarily trying to discourage me from having a pink one, but because that's the only color they could get their hands on in time to give me the gift. They knew that I would probably want to exchange it, but they wanted to give it to me for the wedding.

Anyhoo, I'm super-psyched about the mixer, but I do want a different color. I continue to vacillate between wanting a pink one, and a black one. Certainly, the pink one is much more "ME", and I will be the one using this appliance most often, however, the opinions of others who have stated things like, "Yeah, people in the 70s were really excited about buying the Harvest Gold model, they thought they would love the color forever also". Thanks Dad.

I don't want to end up hating my mixer. Of course, it's not the color of baby poo, so that helps, but it makes me think - will using a pink mixer when I'm 50 years old still make me as happy as it does now? Or, will 50-year-old me look back at 21-year-old me and think I was an idiot to invest in something that's not quite as blendable with changing color schemes as say a black model. I just don't want to regret my investment, not that I truely think my love of the glorious color pink will ever fade away like people's interest in the hideous color Harvest Gold. Ick.

Of course Mark is of no real help, his opinion is that the decision should be mine, and I should get whichever I like best. "PINK!" my inner baking-guru yells! But my sensible side tells me black. *Sigh* Clearly, the decision has still yet to be made.

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