Tuesday, June 24, 2008

And, I Don't Even Know My Last Naaaaaame

Now I have the Carrie Underwood song playing in my head.

Mark and I have been married a little over two weeks now, and I haven't made any move to officially change my name yet. I need to get working on that. However, HR e-mailed me the first of many forms I will need to fill out in order to change my name at work. I filled out the form, everything went smoothly until I got down to the bottom -

Applicant Signature: ______________

Hmm... I haven't practiced my new signature yet.

I proceeded to get out a scrap piece of paper and tried to sign my married name so that I didn't look like a first grader just learning to write in cursive when I returned the form. Good thing I practiced on a scrap sheet first because it didn't turn out very well.

My previous last name is nice and short, the letters flow together well, and it's really easy to sign - not to mention I have been signing my this name since we all learned cursive back in elementary school. My new last name is longer, it has weird pokey letters in it, namely "r". I strongly dislike cursive "r's". Yes, I know, it's a strange dislike, but I'm strange like that. I just don't like the way they look.

So, I proceeded to spend about 20 mintues writing my new last name over, and over, and over again on a sheet of scrap paper. I feel like I was pretending that I had my crushes last name like we used to do back in middle school, except it's a little different now - this is actually my name (or, will be at least, as soon as I get around to going to the stupid Social Security office). It's very strange having to re-learn to sign your name at 21, almost 22 years of age.

Eventually, I signed the form of course. I'm not actually THAT obsessed with this whole name thing. It's just that I had such a pretty signature before, and I need to work on my new one some, it looks okay for now, but I hope I don't have to force my signature for the rest of my life.

Ahhh, the trials and tribulations of being a newlywed ; )

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