Friday, July 11, 2008

And Kitteh's Official Name Will Be.... ::drumroll::


We decided to go with the original name that I picked out. It seems to fit her well. Thank you for all of your suggestions and help. Naming a kitteh is harder than I would have originally thought.

In other news...

Well, there really isn't any other news. It's been a fairly uneventuful week to be honest.

I got my car back on Tuesday. It has been out at my parent's house since Friday the 4th because it was slowly leaking something from the rear driver's side tire, which is never good. It has also squeaked a little bit since I first got it back - Note to those who are unaware - I got in an accident in December, on what happenend to be the first snowy day, and the roads were very bad. I slid on some ice while entering the the freeway from the on-ramp, whipped completely around facing the wrong way AND slid my entire driver's side into the guardrail while I was saying, "oh no, please don't hit the guardrail, oh no!". Yeah... I just purchased the car last Spring. I was not a happy camper. Anyhoo, I started driving my car again AFTER winter ended because I didn't need to play slip n' slide anymore. Then it started leaking, which brings us up to now - So, my Dad very nicely fixed the leak for me. Apparently, it had something to do with the shock.

The bad part is, when he was fixing the car he noticed that the poo-heads who aligned my tires - Ahem, TIRE KINGDOM! - didn't do a very good job of aligning the front tires, which means I've been driving on very poorly aligned tires - that I paid $60 to get aligned! - for the last few months, which means that my front tires are now worn out on the inside. Again, this does not please me. I may have to replace the tires now, but first I'm going to have to call up Tire Kingdom and give them a piece of my unhappy mind. I don't understand why a place that sells and puts on tires couldn't handle aligning the tires that were already attached to my car. Only I would encounter this situation.

We got our professional pictures back from the wedding in the mail on Wednesday. We *LOVE* them! I'm so excited that we have them now. If you would like to see a few you can go here.

What else... *thinking*

Oh, I finished a book last night and I really, really liked it! The novel is Ami McKay's The Birth House. At first, I wasn't sure how much I would actually get into the book, but I ended up very pleased. The novel is set in Nova Scotia predominately taking place during the first World War. The story centers around a young girl who has the practices of midwifiry passed down to her from the old local midwife. Although the locals of the village are heavily reliant on midwives for maternity needs, and also any other ailments, they are weary of their skills and "tricks" and often believe that they are witches.

The drama begins to unfold when a doctor, and outsider to the small village, sets up a practice in a nearby town. He builds a birthing center and feels that women should not be allowed to home birth, but should instead pay for the newest technology and travel to the center when their time comes. What follows really revolves around a woman's right to have control over matters related to her health. The women of the village would rather give birth in the comfort of their homes, with someone they feel comfortable with, than make the risky trip to the neighboring town, be drugged with Ether, and have their infant forcibly removed.

The novel is written in a very unique "scrapbook style", and includes not only writing in the first person, but also local newspaper clippings, advertisements, letters back and forth between the village ladies, and important conversations from local ladies gatherings to help the story unfold in a direct and frank manner. This novel really is a very worthwhile read, and gives a unique perspective to the struggle for women to have control of their health and wellbeing. I very much enjoyed the story.

Also, as my darling husband just pointed out, I initially forgot to mention that HE is the one who suggested this book to me. We were standing in the book section of Target and he decided that the cover looked like something that I would want to read. I suppose it worked out, but I don't see it. Thanks for the suggestion!

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