Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Secret Between Us.

Barbara Delinksky is an author that I have recently discovered. My first experience was with her novel Family Tree, which is also a good read. She really focuses on family dynamics when confronted with a dramatic experience. I would compare her to Jodi Picoult, which is one of my favs!

In The Secret Between Us the protagonist's teenage daughter is driving them home on a rainy night when she suddenly strikes a runner. The victim turns out to be one of the daughter's teachers and because she is so upset, and the man is still alive, the mother sends her daughter home and she stays behind to deal with the police.

The police automatically assume that the mother was actually the one driving the car, and she does not correct them willing to bear the repercussions of the accident for their daughter, but when the vicitim unexpectedly dies, what follows is a full fledged investigation and a lot of drama.

The protagonist's relationship with her daughter begins to suffer greatly from the lie that she told about driving the car the night of the accident and interesting family dynamics and interpersonal relationships begin to surface.

This is a fast, easy, yet interesting read. It explores how one's life can completely change in a minute and the repercussions that follow.

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