Monday, July 28, 2008

Surprising Rave!

I am so in love right now... with my car insurance company!

Seriously. Fifty buckeroos and some change is all I pay per month for a car that I do not yet own outright! (I'm working on that part...)

Why is this so exciting you ask? Well... I'll tell you... I used to pay $137 per month to my old insurance company! The insurance company which showed their true colors and made my life a living Hell when I got into a weather-related accident last Winter. Sheesh, like I didn't pay them really HIGH premiums every month!

The reason that my insurance was so high is that,

1) I was 21 at the time, their premiums don't go down until you reach the age of 25. This was The Suck.
2) I drive a 2 door car, a Mustang, which they consider high-risk and therefore is more expensive to insure.
and finally 3) I have to carry full coverage insurance because I still have a lienholder to answer to.

All of these things combined, despite the fact that I had a good student discount, a perfect driving record, and had payed them on time, every month since I was 16, came out to cost me $137 per month. Ick.

Well, after the Winter Accident fiasco, I decided to say Eff them!!!! and switched over to my now-hubby's insurance company (which I was planning to do in the Spring anyway once we were married to take advantage of the multi-car discount that we are now eligible for).

This insurance company (have I mentioned I love them right now?!)

1) reduces their rates at the age of 21 (as opposed to 25 like my old insurance company. Humpf!)
2) gives me a discount because I have Homeowner's insurance with them.
3) I am now married, which lowers my rate, and 3.5) because we are married we get a multi-car discount, which lowers my rate even further.

All of this combined equals a monthly payment of $50, which rocks my previous car insurance hatin' world!

I'm so happy... about car insurance rates... that's kinda lame, but oh well *happy shrug*

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  1. Holy cow. Can I ask what company you went with? Because mine is charging me $147/month for a newer four door old lady car, even with my perfect driving. Ugh.


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