Saturday, July 5, 2008

July 4th Recap.

As some of you may already know, both my husband's and my birthday is on July 4th. Everyone always asks what that's like, or gets all excited and says, "wow, that's neat!", or something to that effect. Let me tell you, it's just kind of weird. I mean, I don't really mind sharing - it's kind of a running joke that I am not okay with sharing my 'special day' - but it's just strange. Not that big of deal, but at least we get both birthdays out of the way at the same time : )

Thursday evening, our friends Mark and Carrie took us out to dinner at Bravo! (also the location of H's and my very first date!) in honor of our birthday. Dinner was very good. We were then going to go to DQ to get some dessert once dinner settled, once we got there, it seems that they close early the day before Independence Day. Greeeeat. We ended up getting Frostys from Wendy's though, so I suppose it ended up alright.

We went to my parent's house on Friday to do the whole family birthday thing with my side. Mark's mom came out too, which was nice that he got to celebrate his birthday with her. We watched fireworks from my parent's backyard that their neighbors were letting off. These people must be more than a little insane, I'm fairly certain that they spent at least $1000 on fireworks.

This evening, we are supposed to meet Mark's dad and stepmom for dinner in honor of our bithday at The Cheesecake Factory ::thumbs up:: . I'm happy with this, and I'm ready for some cheesecake!

All of our social events are making for a very busy three day weekend. Hopefully we can take Sunday kind of slow, besides all of the usually domestic things that have to get completed for the week to come.

Also, I got Mark an ice cream maker for his birthday. Interesting story, I went up to Linen's and Things to get the ice cream maker because they are having a going out of business sale and all of their small appliances are currently 20% off. So, the ice cream maker is normally $50, it would have been about $40 with the discount. I got up to the checkout line, and I had a few other things that I was purchasing, but my total ended up being like $45. I'm thinking to myself, hmm... that's not right, something must have been on sale, because I had watched the cashier scan all of the price tags.

I needed to get home so I didn't bother checking the receipt, but once I got home and gave Mark his gift, I looked at the receipt and the ice cream maker had rung up as $14.99! Score! I don't know if it had the wrong tag - all the tag says is "Linen's and Things (barcode) $49.99" - or if something else happened, but I sure benefitted. Oh well.

Mark got me a lounger for the deck, once we figured out that I had some extra money leftover from his gift, we decided that we are going to take back the lounger and upgrade for a little patio set with 2 chairs, foot stools, and a table to go with our table and chair set so that we can have extra seating. I'm excited.

Overall, it was a good birthday, it only rained half the day, we got nice gifts, and didn't have to work on our birthday, I am pleased.

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