Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend Recap.

We had a very full weekend and I can't believe it's already Monday again.

Friday, I went to dinner with my lovely Ohio girls. We had a wonderful time! We laughed a lot, never ran out of things to talk about, and I really enjoyed their company! We will have to get together again soon. Not to mention, the surroundings weren't too bad either since we ate at the Cheesecake Factory, yum! That "Random Cheesecake Guy" in the pic, was our waiter, he put up with all of our shenanigans very well.

Saturday, we had a pretty lazy afternoon, then we went out to dinner with friends and over to their house to hang out and play Wii. We also discussed the Book Club that we are trying to start. Right now, there will be 4 of us, and we are planning to meet once a month. Our first book will be Stephenie Meyer's Breaking Dawn since we have all been following this series and we are all planning on reading it when it comes out on August 2nd. Seemed like an obvious first choice. Our first meeting is on August 21st, and then we will present other ideas for future books, but we have already discussed reading Pride and Prejudice since not all of us have read it. Anyway, it was a nice night.

Sunday, we ended up purchasing a new bed - well, not really the bed as in the frame, but a new mattress and boxsprings - this is so exciting!!! If you don't already know this, we have been sleeping on a crappy full-sized mattress for the nearly 3 years that we have lived together. It was okay, but it was old, and it's time to upgrade!

So, first we went to a discount, unclaimed merchandise kind of store. They had a decent selection, but I don't think H was really into it.

Then, we went to a real mattress store, and it turned out feeling like we were in the market for a used car! Those guys are smarmy little salespeople! We tried several beds while we were there, the whole time we were looking, the salesman was constantling blabbering on in our ears about the 'superior craftmanship', 'how popular that mattress is', and so on. I was ready to throw something at him.

We ended up finding a matress that we really liked, but it was waaay more than I felt comfortable with paying for a bunch of cotton to sleep on. The sales-dude starting giving his spiel about how it has the lowest movement transfer in all of the industry, the mattress is made from cotton decended from royal fields in Ireland, each hand crafted coil is wrapped up in the finest of Australian latex to prevent the bed from catching STDs, blah, blah, blah. I don't know what he actually said, because I was too busy thinking about how much he was annoying me, while I was trying to decide what we actually were willing to pay for the bed.

H and I quietly talked over our plan of action, and I got to be bad cop, which I so happily play. After quite a bit of haggling and B.S.'ing, we ended up paying 65% of what the mattress was priced at, and we even got him to come down off of the price of the frame nearly 50% - the price that he COULD NOT budge on because it was the finest frame on the market, American made! That's why it's so expensive. Right. Which translates as, "if I come down off the price anymore, I'm going to be loosing the majority of my commission".

We ended up getting what we wanted and left happy, but we decided that we would drive out the other side of the city to pick the bed up, instead of paying for their "Red Carpet Delivery Service". What a scam. It ended up being quite the adventure.

After determining that the mattress and boxspring would most likely not fit in the back of Mark's Explorer, we rented a pickup truck from Lowe's. You pay $19 for 1 1/2 hours, and $5 for each additional hour after that. First the old lady taking care of the rental took forever to get out to the parking lot to check it over. Then, she walked right past the truck that we were renting, which was sitting right in front of the store, and led us out to another truck because "she didn't see the other one, hehe!". Once we get all set up, we take off and realize that the air conditoning barely works and only when you are pressing on the gas and are going at least 45 miles an hour. Too bad it was 90+ degrees with high humidity. It was terrible.

We make it to the mattress place, get the mattress loaded up. Then, the smarmy salesguys at that location try to pawn off a used bed frame with missing parts on us. I think not. Good for H for straightening that out. We ended up with a new one.

We made it back across town and hurridly pulled into the Lowe's parking lot right at our return time. It all ended well, thank goodness.

Once we got home, H got everything all set up, we put the new sheets on from a quick run to Bed Bath & Beyond, and, let me tell you, the craziness was well worth it. Sleeping on this mattress is like sleeping on a puffy, white cloud in Heaven. It's so wonderful, and a definite improvement from what we had!

Now, I need to get the spare room cleaned out so that we can move our old mattress, frame, and headboard - currently located against a wall in our bedroom - to the spare room where it belongs. I'm not looking forward to this task, but I do want to old stuff out of our room!

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