Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Furniture Shopping.

My H and I got engaged about 3 months after purchasing our house in August 2006. Once we got engaged we began manically saving every bit of extra money that we could to pay for the wedding. Because of this, other than a few minor changes like painting the walls in a few rooms, we have not done much to the house since we have moved in. We didn't have the extra money to do so. However, now that the wedding is over, paid for, and we came in under budget (thank goodness!), we have some extra money to play with as far as updates for the house.

One of the first things that we want to do is purchase some new furniture, which entails replacing our very tired, worn out couch, and investing in a bedroom suite to go with the wonderous mattress that we have recently purchased - another much needed, and appreciated, upgrade.

Last weekend - while shopping for our mattress set!- we started looking around for furniture that we like. Of course we have been to discount places because I'm thrifty and can't stand paying full price for something like this. We've seen some things that we like, but something that I've realized - Furniture is EXPENSIVE! Even at the discount places! I don't know how anyone can afford to furnish their house.

By far, the best deals that we have found are at American Freight - an overstock, unclaimed merchandise sort of store - the next best is Value City Furniture, but they do not have as good of prices as they used to, which is, of course, a bummer. We also went to the Ashley Furniture Homestore, which is supposed to be cheaper than the regular Ashley Furniture stores. I am not impressed.

First, they have the store "conveniently" laid out so that nothing is grouped together and, while wandering around the entire store as you have to, you become slowly moving prey for the salespeople who rush you to give their rehearsed spiel about "fine quality leather", "durable craftsmanship", and "the best financing of the year", blahblahblah. Let me look around people!

Needless to say, we didn't stay long. The place is a rip off. Everything is individually priced - right down to the side rails of the bed - and priced much too high at that. Yeah, like I want to purchase only the top half of an armoire for $700 + tax. What the heck would I do with the top half of my armoire with nothing to place it on???

Anyway, I think we will end up back at American Freight making the purchase. I'm excited, but sometimes I question whether we need to make this investment or not. In my mind, I know that we do, but I hate spending this much money on something.

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