Monday, July 28, 2008

Dim-witted Moment of the Day.

Person calls in at 11.40AM.

Me: What time's your hearing?
Stupid: 11.45 Eastern Standard Time.

Me: Scans Hearings.
We don't have any 11.45s scheduled, are you sure that's when it's scheduled for?
Stupid: Yes.

Me: Okay, what's your docket number?
Stupid: Hold on.
Silence, Silence, Shuffle, Silence
Uhm.... (gives me the docket number)

Me: Looks up case in system.
Well, it looks like your hearing was scheduled for 11.30AM, not 11.45.
Stupid: Pause.
What do you mean?

Me: I mean that you hearing was scheduled to begin at 11.30, not 11.45.
Stupid: (starts getting very angry)
What do you mean!? Is this some sort of Time Zone thing? Are we in different time zones and you're trying to mess me up?!! It's 11.40 right now!

Me: Makes What-the-Hell-?-You-are-effing-crazy-face, which of course, he can't see thank goodness.
No. I'm not trying to mess you up, I'm just letting you know that your hearing was scheduled to begin 10 minutes ago and you are late calling in. If you look at the paper in your hand right now, you'll see that your hearing was scheduled to begin at 11.30AM this morning and you should have called in at 11.15, not 11.40 like you did.
Stupid: *shuffle, shuffle*
Oooohhh, yeaaaaah, it does say 11.30.

Yeah, no shit.

It's not a Time Zone thing, it's a 'you aren't reading' thing.

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