Thursday, July 17, 2008

I Feel So Accomplished for Mid-Week.

Yesterday, we had a very full evening.

First, I took all of the items that I have sold to the Post Office to be shipped out. I spent more on shipping than I thought I would, but oh well. It's better than the stuff taking up space in my house. So, ladies that have made purchases from me, you got a discount on shipping!

Then, I ran by the library to drop off books. Uneventful.

Then, Mark and I went to the bank to straighten out all of our account info. We finally figured out a system for the finances that will work for us. Step one of Goal: Financial Revitalization!

We opened up one joint checking account, into which our paychecks will be deposited. We each also have a personal checking account where I will transfer a bi-weekly "allowance" that will be our own individual money and we can use it however we wish. I will also transfer out a set amount to put into our savings account, which we just opened with ING Direct (I highly recommend after hearing great reviews from current customers and because of their awesome interest rates - 3%!), and then the remainder of the money in our joint checking will go towards bills, groceries, etc. I think this will go a long way towards really getting the most out of our household income.

Initally, I was weary of combining our finances at all. I'm very strict with my money, Mark is a little less so, but he has more to play with because he makes more than me. I was worried about not having MY OWN money, but I think that the set up that we have will allow us to have the best of both worlds.

The only hiccup that we experienced was that they were unable to change the name on my existing personal checking account to my married name, and we had to open the joint checking with my old name, because I have not yet gotten a new driver's license. For cereal. This is so stupid because I brought along my new Social Security card, which I just received in the mail. Whatever, dude. Now, I have to go pay to have my license updated (when I just got a new one last year, and I like the picture bytheway!), then, make a trip BACK to the bank to have them switch everything over to my married name. THEN, I can order new checks with the proper name on them. Ugh.

After we got home, we grabbed dinner, then I was going to read some and ended up falling asleep after about two pages. Mark woke me up around 10PM to get in bed, I got up, got in bed, and went back to sleep. Apparently, my body needed some extra sleep.

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