Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Time Traveler's Wife.

Yesterday evening I finished reading Audrey Niffenegger's The Time Traveler's Wife.

One of the main characters that the story follows is Henry. Henry is a time traveler. In the novel, he is the first human to be diagnosed with a strange genetic disorder in which he travels randomly through time without being able to control it. He shows up at places that he has once been, or has yet to be, and at times even encounters himself at various points during his life while traveling. He also exists in "the present".

Henry meets his wife when she is 6 years old, but he is traveling to her from the future where they are already living together as husband and wife. He is in his late 30s at the time.

What follows is a unique love story, richly developed characters, and a seamless yet non-chonological plot. The novel is narrated at times by Clare (the female in the story) throughout the years, and also by Henry. Their lives together, strangely, inexplicably intertwined, unfold before the reader.

It took me a while to get into this book, much longer than it usually does. Before I reached 140-150 pages, my mind was having trouble comprehending a story about a nearly-40 year old time traveler meeting his wife, and getting to know her when she is a young girl and into her adolesence. However, once I got to about page 140, I became very interested in the story, and by about halfway though I couldn't put it down!

I would recommend this book. There are a few discrepancies and questions that arise, but overall, it's a really wonderful read and it's different than the traditional love stories that we are used to.

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