Wednesday, July 2, 2008

More Stupidity -

This happened around 11AM.

Me: Good Morning, (agency name). What time is your hearing?
Stupid: Uh, 8 o' clock.

Me: As in 8AM this morning?
Stupid: Yeah.

Me: Well, it's 11 o' clock right now... have you already called in for your hearing?

Please, keep in mind, parties are supposed to call 15 minutes PRIOR to their hearings, and his hearing should have been completed at this point because the majority of them are scheduled for 45 minutes.

Stupid: What do you mean?

Me: Have you already called in today to participate in the hearing?
Stupid: (silence) Yeeees. (said slowly)

I look up his case.

Me: Sir, no, you did not call in for your hearing this morning. Your case was dismissed at 8.15AM because you failed to appear.
Stupid: What do you mean?

Me: I mean that your appeal is no longer going to be heard, and there will not be a hearing today. (I then go on to explain the appeals process for dismissals)
Stupid: But... I thought they were going to call me, they aren't going to call me?

Me: No. All of the instructions as to what you should have done to appear for your hearing were on the ONE PAGE sheet of info where you got this number from.
Stupid: Oh, okay. (said like he doesn't even care)


He hung up! Stupid!

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