Tuesday, July 22, 2008

::Pats Self on Back::

I accomplished a lot yesterday evening, and it was a Monday. This is nearly unheard of in our household : )

First, I had to break the news to Mark that we - emphasis on the 'we' part - were going to tackle the messy spare bedroom that has been taken over by wedding items as of late. Not wedding gifts - that's what the office is for - but decorations, glassware, empty boxes, etc. etc. Also a spare coffee table and end table.

We ended up straightening everything out, neatly stacking all of the empty boxes - I need to keep them as I am still selling some of my wedding items and may need them for shipping purposes - throwing out all of the trash, and condensing all of the remaining wedding items into one "Super Box" - as dubbed by H - and one smaller box. I think we did very well.

I also let Mark talk me into putting the coffee and end tables out by the curb with the trash. I wanted to save them for the end of summer garage sale that we are contemplating having, he said it's not worth the storage and just wanted to pitch them. We compromised and I allowed him to put them to the curb, but I said that if they didn't get picked up by morning, then he had to bring them back in the house. I wasn't going to let them go to waste at the dump. They ended up getting picked up within the hour, so we are both happy. I know they will get some additional use, Mark doesn't have to cart them back into the house.

Once everything was straightened, we manuvered the remaining items around so that we could get our old mattress, box springs, and frame into the room. They aren't actually set up, they are leaning against the wall, but at least it's the wall in the spare room instead of the wall in our bedroom. It's an improvement. Once we can get rid of the Fooseball table, we will then be able to actually set up the bed.

Next, we - a grumbling Mark and I - moved on to the office which has been commandeered by wedding gifts since my showers back at the end of April. I took everything out of the gift boxes - which I wanted to keep for Christmas present-wrapping purposes, but Mark talked me into getting rid of - Mark broke them down so that they could be recycled. We got rid of all of the ripped gift bags, threw out all of the trash and tissue paper, recycled some old wedding mags that I unearthed from underneath the gifts, and then my husband so nicely offered to stack up all of the gifts neatly. So now, they only take up about half of the office, instead of all of it, and they are ready to be put away as soon as I make some storage room in the house. That's the next unfortunate step towards my goal.

When everything will be accomplished for Goal: Re-organization has yet to be determined.

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