Monday, July 7, 2008


On Saturday evening, after Mark's dad and step-mom treated us to Cheesecake Factory for our birthday (it was delicious of course) we decided to be grown ups and catch a late movie.

Now, if you know us, you know that we both have to get up very early for work, and because of this, we keep the same hours as the individuals who frequent early bird specials. It's very sad that we often have to turn down invites from our friends because we don't know if we will be able to make it through a "late" movie awake, and you can't chance it since it costs nearly $20 just to purchase the actual movie tickets.

So, being that we had an extra day to catch up on sleep thanks to the three day weekend, we decided to attempt a movie after 9PM (yes, laugh allll you want, a movie after 8.30PM is late in my book!). We decided that we would like to see either Wall-E, Hancock, or The Happening. We haven't seen a movie since Made of Honor in very early June before we got married.

When we got to the theatre, we decided on Hancock becaused it had a show starting the soonest, and we actually ended up being able to make an even earlier showing without missing the previews, or having to sit in too bad a section! Score!

I usually really like Will Smith movies. He's one of my favorites, but this movie was lacking in my opinion. The story line of Hancock was imaginative enough, a known superhero, who is disliked by the public, hooks up with a PR rep to improve his image, there is a twist, which wasn't that thrilling, in my opinion, and that's about it. Will Smith was funny as always, but not as funny as he usually is. The movie wasn't too bad overall, but if you're thinking about seeing it, I would recommend waiting until it comes out on DVD to save a few dollars. Now, I wish we'd have seen Waaaalllllll-EEEEEE, he's cute!

The story ends well, we were both able to stay awake for the whole show, we of course went straight to bed after we got home around 11.30, but it was a fufilling Saturday for us.

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