Monday, July 14, 2008

Dim-witted Moment of the Day.

Appellant calls in for a 9AM hearing at 10.15AM.

Me: Good morning (agency name), what time is your hearing?
Stupid: 9AM.

Me: (knowing that it will have already been dismissed)Have you already called in for the hearing?
Stupid: No. I'm calling in right now.

Me: Okay, well the case was dismissed at 9.15AM because you didn't appear for the hearing.
Stupid: But, we're in a different time zone. I'm in Georgia.

Me: ... No you're not. You're calling Ohio, we're in the same time zone.
Stupid: Oh... okay, thank you.


For serious? This was the employer. You are high enough up in a company that they trust you with these matters and you don't know that Ohio and Georgia are in the same time zone?!! Not to mention, even if we were in different time zones, the hearing would still have been scheduled for 9AM our time.

I had to double check with someone that Ohio and Georgia are in fact in the same time zone because I thought maybe I was forgetting something. I'm not. Employer is just stupid.

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